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About Mart 8s

At you will find the best coupons, savings offers and discounts that you can redeem when shopping at your favorite stores online. Just found the notepad, vacation package or lipstick of your dreams but need to lower the price in your shopping cart? Then you are exactly right with us.

Save money, get free shipping, get gifts or get pre-sale exclusive items by using a coupon code and similar offers. We offer you the best online coupon code every day. Our research ensures you find the best discount coupon for your store.

Where can I find a discount code?

Numerous online shops offer free vouchers that you can use to subsidize your shopping costs. We check almost every day whether the new offers and vouchers are still valid.

What do you have to do to receive your voucher?

Users can enter a desired shop in the search field at the top right to get a brand new overview of all current offers.

Search the list for a discount code that applies to the items in your cart.

The coupon code will appear when you click the button. To copy the code to the clipboard, click the scissors icon.

Write the discount code in the required field in your favorite store to get the discount.

You will also receive additional savings suggestions and helpful information for each online shop.

But you can also browse our many categories or be inspired by our joint suggestions.

What savings offers does have for me?

A discount code is not the only way to save money when shopping online. Use the full potential of the discount world and look forward to numerous discount offers:

We offer:

  • Coupon Codes
  • cashback promotions
  • discounts
  • Promotions and offers

No hidden fee or additional costs

There is no cost to you to use our service. There are no complicated subscriptions or additional costs to watch out for. We’ve made all our codes non-binding so you can use them with confidence.

In principle, anyone can redeem a discount code. On the other hand, some vouchers are aimed at new customers, while others are reserved for existing customers or only apply to certain products.

We have a newsletter you can sign up for if you wish. We will then send you our current offers. One click is enough to remove your email address from the newsletter list.

What are the advantages of redeeming vouchers?

It is possible not only to get significant percentages, but also to save money. For you as a customer, online retailers can offer a variety of attractive promotions.

For example, you can use your voucher code to claim exciting free goodies. After activating the voucher, you will receive several free products as a reward. As a supplement, you can look forward to a perfume or a trendy shopping bag, for example.

Another possibility is that you receive one of your selected items from your shopping cart. Understandably, these “2 for 1” discounts are extremely popular with consumers.

Save money on shipping costs by repurchasing coupons from previous purchases.

As you can see, the world of coupon codes is very diverse. The use of an online voucher is not only practical, but can also be a lot of fun! Every online shopper enjoys the experience of prices falling. I hope you enjoy looking through the tested offers.

With our online vouchers you can save money with every purchase! Please take advantage of the discount by simply redeeming it before payment.

Our coupons, discounts, coupons and promotions, like free shipping and gifts, make it easy to find cheap online shopping opportunities.

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